Motion Unlimited

Motion Unlimited

I’d like to shine a light on Motion Unlimited, one of my sponsors.
A couple of years ago I was dealing with plantar fasciitis, my worst nightmare back then. It dragged for over 2 years, took me out of my jobs and kept me away from surfing and sports for over a year, almost erasing my motivation. By word of mouth my brother and I heard of Isaac Osborne. I started working with him and his exercises were one of the key components in me winning the battle with plantar fasciitis! Isaac is a personal friend, a mentor, a surf buddy, an amazing healer and someone who I’m honored to have met.

I pretty much never left their office and would always go there to do my “menus”. When the accident that almost took my life happened, Isaac and his crew were by my side. His was the first get well card I got in the hospital. Back in Santa Barbara, as I was healing and going back to sports, he said he would sponsor me on whichever direction I would go:)

Their amazing Team consists of: Lisa Wilcox who specializes in Restorative Pilates and Posture Therapy, and is always there correcting my exercises! LeAnne Thomason does Acupuncture and some other healing arts. She’s been helping me so much with my back pain. If you’re afraid of needles, fear no more –she’s got the touch! Isaac Osborne, the creator of Motion Unlimited, does Posture Alignment and the Rolf Method (quite amazing this last one, I recommend to everyone).

I’m so honored and blessed to be part of Team Motion Unlimited! And I’ll tell you, it comes in handy! Having Posture Alignment Therapy in your life is great, specially being an amputee (with all the compensations and postural imbalances I have).

Lisa, Isaac and LeAnne