My first Triathlon in Brasil

My first Triathlon in Brasil

April 6th, Caraguatatuba, SP: Just finished racing in my home Country, the first of two in the Nationals Paratriathlon Circuit. This place is a 3hr drive from the city of São Paulo, and what a drive! Lots of water -rivers, lakes, dams and finally the ocean. Wild, untouched forest. It’s this luscious green throughout the drive, specially on the way down this dramatic mountain range that takes you to beautiful secluded beaches on the North Coast. A reminder of how amazing Brasil is…

I had the best crew: My cousins in SP made all the logistics and came with me for the race. They are always so good to me, this lady is like a second mom! And my parents also, they flew in from the South, it was my mom’s first time watching me racing:) Strong support team!!

This particular race was on a very flat course and I’m happy I was able to break my personal record by 13minutes! It was a very hot sun, and the ocean water was very warm. Annoying low tide that made it too shallow for too long. A lot of small waves also, which made it hard to see the buoys. I’m honored to have had my dad, Luiz as my handler for this event, it means so much!

Just like I had imagined, some fierce competition down here. Fellow Country men are hungry for results, and many of them don’t have half of the equipments I do. And for that, I’ll say again and again: Thank YOU PossAbilities!!! I KNOW I AM BLESSED.

It was good work down here and I know there’s a lot more coming. I’m thankful to be part of all this.