Chicago ITU World Championship

Chicago ITU World Championship

Hello friends and family and supporters of PossAbilities!

This race in Chicago was part of the international circuit, and with my previous times I qualified to race among the elite, representing Brazil:) There were 10 slots for my category, and I took 6th place. 2 athletes were disqualified because they messed up their lap counting on the bike course –easy thing to do when you have a race with 7,5 laps and you’re so focused on performance!!

I was recovering from a nasty flu, even taking antibiotics still during the race. Very weak, I stumbled on the way out of the water and almost passed out! I took longer than normal on Transition 1, waited a bit until my vision was clear again. Giving up is not an option! After all, it’s so much training, so much excitement for this great day, the sponsors invest so much in me, so all I wanted was a strong showing!

Flu aside, even if I was feeling 100%, this was a “big dogs fight,” against the best athletes in the World, that have way more experience than I and have been amputated for way longer –they’re used to their challenges and their prosthetics.

I’m happy with my race, and always learning. The evolution is constant and this inspires me a lot! I hope to get up on top against these guys, and bring pride to my sponsors and Country!

Chicago is an amazing place, at the edge of a huge lake. It was so cool to compete surrounded by those sky scrapers on the background. It was a very well organized and fancy event, with even carpet on transitions and Finish Line (triathlon luxury!)

Thank you to my sponsor PossAbilities for making this event possible for me. Thank you to all my friends that are following me on this dream, and also to my family/team that was there with me on another adventure!