2015 Racing Schedule Starts in Australia!

2015 Racing Schedule Starts in Australia!

Greetings my friends,

Here I am in “God’s Country,” Australia, a truly blessed place. Cannot believe this was a prison back in the day… Who really deserves blessings, forever, is Team PossAbilities and Quest Diagnostics, because without them, I would not be here now.

This was my first racing event of the year, and the beginning of my Paralympic campaign, a journey that will extend onto mid 2016 –by then we’ll know for sure IF I will make the cut. A lot of focus on training my friends…eyes on the prize!

This race was easily one of the most beautiful courses I’ve ever done. It’s within a Preserve untouched by men, where the kangaroos roam freely! There were a few strong contestants enrolled, besides myself and another “Brazo” representing our dear Brazil. Very hot on Race Day, which specially punished us on the run.

I had problems on the Bike part of the race, with a flat tire on the third lap (of a total of 5), so that slowed me down quite a bit –but I had to ride like that. On a fast-paced race like the Sprint Triathlons we do, there’s no time to change a tire.

I finished in 5th, and I’m happy I even finished it and also got some important points to start the year. It would just be very frustrating with the amount of training and $ that goes into an event like this, to arrive here and not finish my work.

It was a really good moment to test some modifications we’ve done in my prostheses. Upon my return, I already know what do I have to work on, modify and/or improve.
I’d like to again thank Team PossAbilities AND Quest Diagnostics. Because of you guys, I’m living my dream and hopefully inspiring others on the way.
Much love, Andre