Learning with my mistake

Learning with my mistake

August 16th I found myself racing in Detroit, for another ITU Race. They had the event on this beautiful island that’s literally a stone throw away from Canada, called Belle Isle.

Weather was hot and humid, very tropical. I had a great start on the swim, leading until about 100yards to shore, then 2 guys passed me. After a fast transition, I started out leading on the bike split again! All was looking good so far, even though a couple opponents passed me (which was predictable because cycling is their strength). At this point I was still a candidate to podium, or 4th place. Then hell broke loose…

The “oldest rule in the playbook” says to never test something new or different on Race Day. And that’s exactly what I did with nothing less than a running leg! I actually tested it before with Mihn, for short runs, and it felt fantastic. But we got it ready on the week of the race, and after a 3 mile run (the longest at that point) on track I decided that it was gonna be THE ONE. Bad decision… The prosthesis socket (part that attaches on my stump) didn’t fit well during the race, because of a (more than normal) swollen stump. So from the beginning I didn’t do well, and then it got worse halfway onto it. There was nothing I could do at that point, and it was pathetic –most people could speed-walk faster than me trying to run.

I finished second to last, and all I wanted to do was go home and don’t talk or see anyone. I was a very bad loser. Later that night when I was calmer, I saw the lesson in it. I learned with my defeat, more than I did when I won. Just like they say… now I understand it.

We learned. We let it sink. We move on the next one.

Thanks for reading guys, it’s not always glory.