Japan ITU Race

Japan ITU Race

Konichiwa dear readers, hello from Japan! 2016 has been life on the fast lane, and I’m loving it! 
Japan blew my mind. It was an eye opener, we as humans have a lot to learn with them, it seems like they’re ahead of their time. They’re so polite, pure, educated and genuinely nice. 

The race was good. Of course I wanted to do better, always! I arrived in Japan with a mild flu, but thankfully by race day I was 100% healthy again. I was feeling great and it showed in most of the race. I kept the second position for about 70% of the time, but then, in the run, 2 fast athletes passed me, and I finished 4th. It’s frustrating, but that’s how competition is many times. I am still improving a lot, but there’s cases where it’s not enough –like in a race with stronger athletes that have been at it for longer. 

The competition level is improving with the proximity of Rio and there’s a mutual feel that everyone is giving their best. 

This was the most organized race I’ve ever been a part of, the attention to details was superb, and the Japanese are absolutely wonderful hosts! The crowd cheering lifted our vibe and our competitive spirit, it was so cool racing with hoards of “fans” screaming on the corners, just happy to be there watching us!

Arigato Japan, Team PossAbilities and Quest Diagnostics, it was an honor to be here:)