The Rincon Classic 2017

The Rincon Classic 2017

Dear Team PossAbilities supporters, I’m here today to tell an adventure tale from an event that’s always a highlight of my year, a surf competition called Rincon Classic.
It has a waiting period of 4 months and they make it happen in one weekend when the surf conditions are really good, hence making it super special. 

Surfing is a very peculiar sport where a lot of things have to be aligned for the waves to be good. It can be very frustrating at times. It’s not like most other sports where you can always practice, no matter what. 

Rincon is dubbed “Queen of the Coast” for a reason, she’s one of the best waves in California, and the World! It only breaks from about November – April. 

Because it gets so good, it’s always really crowded, so you gotta have a certain attitude to surf it sometimes, otherwise you won’t get waves. During the Rincon Classic they clear people out of the water. So one gets to surf “The Queen” with 3 other athletes for 20min!!!! It is a real treat that I look forward to all year. 

They don’t have a handicap division, so I don’t really compete with the able athletes. Instead I participate in the “Expression Session,” which is extra special, always with some legends of the sport. I get to surf one of the best waves in the world with almost no one in the water and chat with some of my heroes while a big crowd cheers for each wave you get. Think about a big smile on my face when I come back on land :))