World Paratriathlon Series: Gold Coast of Australia 2017

World Paratriathlon Series: Gold Coast of Australia 2017


I am truly blessed to go to these amazing places to compete, and some we get to go back again. Australia for instance, was the 3rd time I competed there. They changed location this year again, which keeps it exciting. This year’s locale was beautiful as usual, the “Goldie”.

Race was very hard, I did not do well -5th. Most of the athletes that podiumed at Rio Paralympics were here, so it was tough game. 

What’s really special was having my wife with me, her first time in the Land Down Under! Besides her, I also have many friends that live close to or on the Goldie that came to support, I was so happy to see so many people there for me!!!

Temperature was great, and climate was nicely humid, in a way we didn’t get super dry in our throats while going full throttle when racing. Luckily it didn’t rain on us, there was a good chance since we got there during the tail end of Hurricane Debbie –one of the strongest in history. 

I started the race on the 2nd position, but by the final 50 yards I was 4th. Then I fell right before the final chute, and saw this competitor passing me by while I was on the ground. Safe to say I was very bummed while crossing the final line. But I did what I could.

After the race we had a day off with the Team, so went surfing amazing waves at this famous location called Snapper Rocks.

We also had a good meeting with team Brazil athletes and coordinators, and all of our weaknesses were exposed. They’re tightening the screws to help us wherever they can, it’s a good thing. 

Now I’ll do the PossAbilities Triathlon and then comes a good break -to train hard and get stronger, and race again at the end of July. 

Thank you my friends!