The 2017 PossAbilities Triathlon

The 2017 PossAbilities Triathlon

Hi there!I finally was able to participate in the PossAbilities Triathlon this year again. Haven’t raced this since 2014, when I did it in honor of our little dog Yoda, who had just passed away. I missed the last 2 years due to important races in the ITU Calendar. 

It was great to be back, and one of my motivations for that race was to see if could still finish ahead of Zimry… 

Zimry Solis is one of the up and coming PossAbilities triathletes. He is amputated below the knee and is also missing fingers in the right hand AND missing the whole left hand. He is a great athlete, and has a solid run –better than mine. He has been training strong, with a coach, so I had my doubts if I would still get him… specially with a short swim like it is on this race -that does not favor me (a strong swimmer).

He proceeded to speed right away from me on the run, which is the first part of this one that is called a Reverse Triathlon. I thought I was gone but I cycled like a mad man, so was able to get him on the 2nd lap of the bike (from a total of 3), and then went on to finish ahead, one more time… we’ll see how next year is gonna be!

Him and I still won our individual categories, but we have an ongoing, unspoken healthy rivalry 🙂

Carry on!