The State Street Mile (June 2017)

The State Street Mile (June 2017)

Hello my faithful PossAbilities readers,

This past Sunday, June 4th, I ran for the 3rd year in a row a popular race in my adopted town, and took 1st Place! Although happy with my placing, my time from last year’s was better. I had been training “mile repeats” longer for last year’s, and this year (with all the triathlon training) I just remembered State Street Mile about 2 weeks before the event… but no complaints! 

Every year they’re getting better, and for the first time there was Above-the-knee and Below-the-knee amputee divisions! Keep’em coming, it’s great to feel included!

The first time I ran, 2 years ago,  my amputee dog Pogo joined me on the “Dog Mile Division.” It was quite the spectacle the two of us running down the most famous strip in town! But poor Pogo was tired for a whole week afterwards, so I never took him again. As fast as he is, a mile is too much for the little guy:)

Until next time!