World Paratriathlon Series Canada 2017

World Paratriathlon Series Canada 2017

Hello friends of Team PossAbilities! Once again I found myself in Edmonton, in the beautiful state of Alberta, Canada, for some hot racing action.
It really takes a village to prime an athlete, it doesn’t happen overnight, and I am so grateful to have these opportunities!

Weather was amazing and I was feeling good with my perfomance, had a good run at the end and battled hard to finish 5th.

Honestly, frustration is taking over, but I am not gonna give up. Categories have to change in our sport, it’s just not fair some of the athletes I compete against. I’m sounding like a broken disc, always complaining about the same issues. Problem is, the issues don’t change…

There are still Cerebral Palsy athletes that are extremely fast in the category. And some amputees that are in should also have a category of their own to be perfectly honest and fair: they’re amputated “through the knee,” meaning they have a knee, just not functional. So all the muscles are attached still to the knee, and you can see what I’m talking when they have this extremely long stump.

For my part, while things don’t change (even though we’re trying to fight them thru our Country Federations), I’ll keep training hard and improving.

Now all eyes will be in Rotterdam for the Worlds. Train hard next couple of weeks!
Thank you Team PossAbilities and Quest for allowing me to live my dreams!