Brazil National Champion:)

Brazil National Champion:)

Greetings fellow PossAbilities enthusiasts!

Today I report about my season ender race, the Final of our national Circuit in Brazil. Since I compete representing Brazil internationally, I have to do at least one event on their circuit.

This race was in south Brazil, close to a lot of family and friends that live between 2-4hours away, so I had maximum attendance:)) -Never had so many (close) people cheering me on like that! It was surreal happiness, had to focus to not do any mistakes during the race and be disqualified…

But it all went well, even with a silly penalty on my part(forgetting to tighten the helmet in the transition area), but I paid it up and crushed the finish line! Even had a nice sprint finish with a fellow athlete from another category.

The cherry on the cake was that this year they only had 2 races in their calendar. So, because my time was better than the previous 1st, I also took the National Championship Title home!!

What a way to finish off the year! Thank you PossAbilities for another successful racing trip!!