My first Piru TT, 11/5/2017! Sometimes it’s a rough road, but you can weather the storm! By Jenna Rollman

My first Piru TT, 11/5/2017! Sometimes it’s a rough road, but you can weather the storm! By Jenna Rollman

Sometimes things don’t always go the way you expect them to, and this particular experience is an example of that. The most important thing however is to learn from the bumps in the road, move Forward and try again!! Here’s a personal story of perseverance and making lemonade out of lemons! ???

Took on a new challenge this Sunday at the Piru TT up in Fillmore, CA! ??
The Piru course is a lot tougher than most of the time trials I normally do, with 500ft of climbing in 20K compared to Fiesta Island TT which has less than 200ft in the same distance! ??
I was ready to confront this course and I gave it my best effort despite some major difficulties before and during the TT.

As Jeff Rusk and I arrived at the time trial start/finish the storm clouds followed us and in a short time soft drizzle turned into raindrops, prompting everyone to find cover! ???
Wanting to get my warmup under way I put on my cold weather gear and headed out on the wet course with my Team PossAbilities teammate Alfonso Garibay only to get a little ways in before I hit a piece of asphalt that had been newly dislodged from a pothole! ☹??
We turned around but it soon became apparent that my front tire was going flat and even though I was shouting for Alfonso to stop he couldn’t hear me and disappeared in the distance, leaving me alone to slowly roll back so as to not damage my rim.

I got to Jeff with 10 minutes left before my start time and he swiftly went to work to change my tube only to discover the new tube had a valve stem that was too short and the valve extenders I had were not the right kind so they were useless!! ???
Frustration was reaching a high point and my start time had slipped away so we were getting ready to give up just as another racer who noticed we were having trouble came to the rescue and offered us a valve extender that worked, so Jeff quickly got the tube in and pumped up my tire.

I feverishly headed to the start line expecting a time penalty but was surprised to find Alfonso and many other racers still lined up! ?
Turns out the organizers were running behind and I made the start after all!! WHOO!! What a relief! ??

Countdown begins 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….GO!!
Every muscle fiber in my arms contract and I’m OFF! ???
The first half of the TT went well and I keep waiting for the turnaround point to arrive….but then I come to a dead end!!! WHAT???!!! ??
Realizing that I missed the turnaround point my stomach dropped but I made a U turn as fast as I could and resolved to pretend it was all just part of the course, trying to take my mistake in stride instead of letting it be a reason to affect my overall effort.

Powering back on the second half of the course I was in a pure fever to cross the finish line and once I did I was glad it was over! ???
Shoutout to Alfonso who unlike me had a GREAT time trial and improved his previous time by 2 minutes and 13 seconds!! ???
Way to GO buddy get those GAINZ! ???

Overall I loved the Piru course and will be back in December to improve my time and turn around at the RIGHT PLACE (instead of adding two extra miles! ??)!!
Brett Richards and Tavian Bryant you guys should come too!

Afterwards Jeff and I drove to Ventura since we were so close and forgot about the tough dreary morning with a delicious breakfast at our favorite place Cafe Nouveau follwed by an absolutely beautiful Sunday afternoon cruise along the Ventura coast. ?‍♀️??
The weather was stunning and as the sun set into the ocean horizon in a fiery sundown display I couldn’t help but feel happy, grateful, and blessed to be living life and doing what I love with Jeff by my side!
What a DAY!!
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