2018: year of the new bike (s)!

2018: year of the new bike (s)!

Hey guys, I’d like to introduce you to the new addition to my training/racing paraphernalia: the “Black Beauty”!

Make & model: Trek SLR 8 Disc, and it was 100% sponsored by Team PossAbilities. I am super thankful and it was time for an upgrade. That bike is obscenely light, so on my climbing training days it makes my life easier; and also descending: After climbing a steep hill, the downhill is fast and you gotta be super focused on turns and braking –hydraulic disc brakes are a breeze on that occasion.

On races where there’s hills and a lot of turning I’ll be using this bike. And if the race has a lot of straight aways, I’ll use the time trial bike.

Speaking of time trial bike, I found a crack on mine, in Florida, when assembling it for the PanAm race last March. Thankfully it held for that last race, but unfortunately it’s something that isn’t fixable. It’s time to hang that historical frame. It has served me well, it fought many battles; and when it first came to me, as a gift, it was used a handful of times by the great Jens Voigt while training for his quest to beat the Hour Record. When I got it, he was actually the fastest man on a bike. It was a big weight to carry, a legacy actually, and it gave me a lot of inspiration.

Blessed is my soul and I was able to replace the frame after contacting Trek! I don’t have it yet, but am looking forward to build it when it comes!

Here’s to hoping I get faster with these toys!