Paddlers Blog-Published story, so flattered

Paddlers Blog-Published story, so flattered

Hello Team,

I have outstanding news to share.

My Veterans story and my overcoming adversity journey have been published into a book.
Entitled, “Promoting Successful Integration”,
a book for Military Veterans to learn how to re-enter society or answer questions about re-entry.

Some blessings are immediate and some take time.
3 years ago, PossAbilities had me speak at the 3rd annual, “Power of Inclusion” conference, where I shared my story and then had a few people ask me to submit it with other Veterans that have gained some traction on the challenges in their lives.

Three years later, I am proud to say that I am published and maybe, just maybe, my journey will uplift some other Veteran on his life path after the military.

and all my Teammates.