Summer Vacation is over, now it’s time to return to racing!! Team PossAbilities heats up the competition at the August Piru TT! By: Jenna Rollman

Summer Vacation is over, now it’s time to return to racing!! Team PossAbilities heats up the competition at the August Piru TT! By: Jenna Rollman

After enjoying a wonderful vacation in July exploring the natural beauty of Mammoth Mountain and North Lake Tahoe it was time to transition back into a competitive mindset and resume a more structured training regimen for the remainder of the summer. I hadn’t raced at all since the conclusion of the Paracycling National Championships in Georgia so my coach and I thought it would be a good idea to gauge my current fitness by going out to the Piru 20K Time Trial in Fillmore, CA. The Piru TT is set on a great course that has a good amount of climbing, descending and 2-3% grades that test all of a handcyclists technical skills, making this race a perfect place to generate some numbers to assess where I am at in the stress of a competition environment.

My fellow PossAbilies teammates Brett Richards and Alfonso Garibay joined me at the August Piru TT which upped the ante with some friendly rivalry! It was great to see my friends and feel the pre-race anticipation, a fierce fire was burning in the pit of my stomach and I was ready to channel that energy into my handcycle cranks!! Of course I wanted to mimic my previous TT time at Piru since I was at peak form then because it was my last race before the National Championships and I had a lot to prove. Lining up with that goal in mind I was confident and eager to get myself out of my comfort zone and push HARD!

During the time trial I could tell that I was on my game and my mind and body were in sync. I had a some mechanical issues while coming up over the top of a couple of the bigger climbs where my front chain ring would not shift from the middle gear to the top gear, costing me some time because I couldn’t regain my speed fast enough on account of my struggle to get in the right gear. Despite this minor problem I finished just 20 seconds shy of my pre-Nationals TT time and I was extremely happy with that!!
Usually when I don’t train with structure and ride freely I tend to lose a little bit of race fitness so it pleasantly surprised me that I performed so well but hey, I’ll take it! 😁
I may have even bettered my time if I had not had trouble shifting gears so I considered it to be a top performance in my book!

Alfonso and Brett went out with a vengeance to prove themselves on the Piru course and both men raced exceptionally in their own rights. When it comes down to it though the heat of friendly competition burns white-hot and they were absolutely trying to beat each other to the finish!! LOL! πŸ˜†πŸ˜† Brett ended up coming out on top and had a faster time than Alfonso so you know there’s going to be an intense rematch next month to even out the scales of victory and defeat between them, I definitely want to be there to see the action unfold!

Training has been going very well and I am seeing improvement in my cadence, endurance, speed and wattage output which gives me confidence for my upcoming race at the Fiesta Island Time Trial in September down in Mission Bay! I’m looking forward to racing there again and working intensively to surpass my best time at Fiesta Island! 🌴🏝
Stay tuned for September’s blog everyone!!