Moments of uncertainty

Moments of uncertainty

Hello guys,

As I’m transitioning into snowboarding, lots of questions come to mind… like: –do I really have it in me, to undertake such a challenge? I’m not getting any younger…

I am a father now, priorities changed a bit –I don’t have the same amount of time to devote to sports, as much as I’m trying. I wanna make sure my daughter has love and my full attention, because she deserves my best!

Costs also start coming -day care isn’t cheap!

Still, I’m doing what I can to stay super fit, with a schedule of training where I have two sessions/day, for the most part.

Just haven’t been to the snow as much as I’d like, I put in some days here & there. Everything will come together when it has to.

We can always complain & explain, but really, will that change anything?

It’s not always easy, but you have to ask yourself: how bad do you want it??

I’m doin my part and I’ll keep pushing…