Like Equipment An Athletes Body Needs Maintenance

Like Equipment An Athletes Body Needs Maintenance

No matter the athlete or how healthy you live your life you will need medical maintenance on your body in some type of way. You will also need more than a doctor, you need a support team behind you to get you through it. This team has many roles from moral support, nutritional assistance, travel assistance, equipment maintenance and the list goes on and on.

One of the biggest things us athletes try to avoid is the need to see a doctor. Weather it be for a simple cold or a broken bone, these reasons all take time from our intense training schedule. It’s hard to not get down and think of all the fitness you could be loosing when being forced to take time away from your sport and training. It keeps running through your head over and over again. You think of all the hard work you’ve put in and you wonder what impact this time off will have on your fitness that you have worked so hard to gain. This is where the moral and physical support of your family, teammates and coaches comes into play.

There is many things that you can do that aren’t physical that will help when you return to training. For me this was studying. As cliche as this may sound I joined YouTube University and studied as much race footage and race tactics as I could to better understand the craft of racing in a pack of cyclists. I learned the art of the poker face, the fake suffer and everything in between. I learned when to make my move and when to sit back and let a fellow racer bluff their way to the back of the pack.

During my short three weeks away from training this support team of mine reminded me how far I have come and remind me of all my achievements to date. At that time I remembered how fortunate I am and that the problems I have aren’t as bad as they may have initially seemed. Its been almost three years since I took a week off from training. I’d say I’ve been pretty fortunate.

During this time of studying I did a little research and found that all the greats of sport have overcome some pretty tough injuries. Most recently in the news was Tiger Woods himself. What a come back story. I would have never looked at my situation from this perspective without my support team.

Now lets get after it, never look back and become stronger and faster than ever!