There’s so many nuances that go with wearing a prosthetic, and it can either empower or debilitate a person. It is all up to the user.

I had in one of my peer visits a fresh amputee tell me girls would never like him again because of his leg. I told him it would be quite the opposite. That leg would ATTRACT girls! While I had my own uncertainties when I lost my leg, I overcame that. The leg is a powerful tool and conversation starter. Never followed up w that guy because he moved, but I hope things are going well with him. It’s all a matter of perspective.

It’s just funny sometimes how some situations become awkward, like a couple stories I’ll share.

* Suddenly a loud noise wakes me up. I think “what the hell are the neighbors doin upstairs?!” As soon as I’m more awake another deep from within the earth noise happens, and also some shaking… yes, it is an earthquake happening. And I don’t have my leg on. Can’t walk, can’t run, but I can save myself! So I hopped onto the door and just stayed there, under the door frame. Turns out the quake was over and I could go back to sleep (laughs).

* I was on a surf trip with my friends in Panama. On the way back from the surf I left my prosthesis in the car and crutched back to the hotel. Back in the room, my buddy asks, “can I help you with something?” to which I reply “can you please bring me my leg?” He cracked laughing and only then I realized how funny that sounded…

* I’m grateful when I leave stuff in the car (like a running leg) or on the beach (like a leg while I’m surfing), do you realize how much these things cost? But it really would be bad karma for someone to steal that… and you can’t be doing that everywhere. Know where you can and cannot get away with that.

* The fart noise is funny but super awkward at times! When you put your leg on, it makes this undeniable fart noise. So so funny! But some people don’t think it’s funny or don’t believe in you. Like when you’re wearing pants in the movies and this person just wants to go past you on the seats. You move around and your prosthesis (that is relaxed) makes this malicious fart sound! And it comes right from your upper leg, so try explaining to the person, “oh sorry, that’s my leg!” (Laughs)

Someone told me and I’ll use the quote here: “You’re the author of ur own story. How it turns out is up to you.”