#ProstheticDiaries 2

#ProstheticDiaries 2

Hey guys, I’m following up here on a theme that I wrote about last month.

I thought there were so many funny/awkward/humbling moments… so why not share?

* Haven’t been to yoga too often, it’s something I want to make part of my routine. Flexibility is as important as strength, sometimes maybe even more. Every time I go to a class, I tell everyone in front of the class that my leg makes some funny sounds, specially at yoga when I’m getting at the specific positions. So it doesn’t get weird when my leg “farts” and everyone comes to expect and laugh from it. Breaks the ice:)

* The worst is when I have a running workout scheduled, either at a track or somewhere else; then you get there all prepared and realized you forgot one thing: your running leg!!! It’s so annoying and frustrating, and something kinda easy to do, because usually you have your legs attached to your body. So when you don’t, at times you may forget the special leg! I’ve done it a couple times in my career. Now I think about it with a laugh. But hated when it happened to me.

* Sometimes your stump needs a break from wearing a leg. After a race, your stump may be sore; skin may be breaking down; you have a rash; prosthesis needs an adjustment because your alignment is terrible. There’s some instances when one has to go back to crutches. And it’s annoying, because you’re used to wearing a leg and you get kinda stuck. It’s amazing how people ‘s perception on the street changes, it’s like they pity you; completely different from when they see you with a prosthesis and you look like a superhero! It’s also amazing to see how generous people are then. Always willing to lend a hand.