New job alert!

New job alert!

Dear readers, I’d like to share good news, a new job with Hanger Clinic as a Patient Advocate. It’s basically peer visiting with amputees, something I have been doing thru PossAbilities for a while already.

I’m pretty excited, luckily I fit the job description well and was in the right place at the right time. Turns out Hanger bought the clinic I had been going, and some others in the region, and they want to expand their business on the central coast – that’s where I fit in.

I’d like to thank my prosthetist Dave Littig for putting on an awesome word for me, and Hanger for welcoming me in.

It’s exciting because they want me to keep doing everything athletics, the more the better —it just shows a good image, that amputation doesn’t need to slow you down.

And I can keep representing PossAbilities, that’s the beauty of it!