Who am I

It has come to my attention that many reading the PossAbilities blog may not know who I am. So I would like to tell you a little about myself.

I am Shawn Morelli a C4 My move into the world of para-cycling was unforeseen. I was in the Army, deployed as an engineer officer in Afghanistan in 2007. When I was seriously injured \and had my life changed. I was left with permanent injuries, blinding my left eye, damaging my neck and nerves, and brain trauma. I struggled to heal leaning on family and friends when it was suggested I try cycling as a method of physical and mental therapy. In 2010 I was exposed to competitive cycling at the 2010 Warrior Games presented by Deloitte, and invited to my first para-cycling camp. My bike training has strengthened my body, improving balance to counteract my visual limitations and physical imbalances.

Since learning to ride again I have had a blessed career earning 2 x Gold Medals Rio Paralympics, 12 x World Championships and 18 x National Championships. I hope to make it to the 202 Tokyo Paralympics.

Please follow me on Twitter @GoRideURBike, Instagram gorideurbike and Facebook www.facebook.com/morellicycle. Thank you for your support.