Alpine Race Camp

Alpine Race Camp

Gidday fellow readers,

In late January I had a chance to participate on an alpine race camp at Mammoth Mountain with Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra, which was made possible to me thanks to PossAbilities.

With this same group we did some classes a couple years ago, on what was my return to snowboarding, thanks again to PossAbilities.

I stayed in touch w them, and when the opportunity showed up for a skiing camp, I was proactive and asked if they would allow a snowboarder. Turned out they granted my wish and provided me with a one on one coach the whole time, sometimes even 2 coaches just for me! 4 days, 8 hours a day.

Intense workouts, with the drills, the long hours on the mountain, and just the altitude itself. I had headaches everyday from the altitude, that wasn’t fun.

I learned a lot in those days and became a better rider. For that I’m grateful, and feel more ready to attack an upcoming race in 2 weeks!

I’ll report back from Canada!