2020 ParaCycling Track World Championships

2020 ParaCycling Track World Championships

Hello everyone, I would like to give a recap of my adventure at the 2020 ParaCycling Track World Championships.

First I would like to say the week could have gone better but I am happy with my performance. We suffered a loss in my family with the unexpected passing of my Uncle. This was extremely difficult for me. I was told of his passing on Tuesday 28 January. The week for me then became a mental struggle as I wanted to be home with my family not racing a bike.

My parents told me to stay and do the best I could. My first race was the 500 TT on Thursday 30 January, this race did not go well. It was struggle to get on my bike. I am not a sprinter and this is a sprint event so I was not overly concerned with my result but I could have ridden better. I placed 8th with one of my slowest times ever. But it was a victory for me on the inside as I raced but my heart was someplace else.

My second race was the Flying 200. Another sprint event. This race took place on Friday 31 January. I was a little more mentally focused for this event. I set a personal best in this event and placed 6th. I was extremely happy with this result.

My third and fourth race took place on Saturday 1 February . The first race of the day was the 3km individual Pursuit Qualifying. If I qualified in the top 4 I would race in the finals that evening. I rode as hard as I could. I set a national record and rode a personal best in the qualifying round. This allowed me to qualify in the 4th position and I would be racing for 3rd. I won the 3rd place race by 7 hundredths of second. It was a great match. You can view the race at www.facebook.com/morellicycle. My body was drained, I was physically and mentally exhausted but had one race left. That night I lined up for the mass start race called the Scratch Race. I was not sure what if anything I would be able to do with how my body was reacting to the efforts earlier in the day. I rode a great race and came across the line in 4th. I would have liked to have done better but I gave it my all.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for everything they do and give so that we can race. It is an honor to represent you all and my Nation.


photo credit goes to Casey Gibson