Still Working #SOLOBIKE

Still Working #SOLOBIKE

During this time of uncertainty and social distancing, with gyms closed and our favorite group rides canceled many may wonder how are we keeping in shape, how is working out going. I thought I would give a small update on what I am doing during this time.

Typically when I can’t get outside, I train on my Wahoo Kickr using the Wahoo app, Zwift or Sufferfest. It’s really important to continue to follow the plan set by my coach, whether indoors or outdoors. To keep it fun, I turn on Zwift and then turn up the music. I talk to my coach about how to keep it interesting indoors. Personally, I like lots of intervals because it keeps me engaged. If it’s a long ride, I will do group rides on Zwift or even turn on a movie! But really it’s about finding as much variety as you can, even though your bike stays in the same spot.

I also have a small weight exercise area, which is coming in handy now that all the gyms are closed. Here I do my strength and some yoga routines. 

We have to find ways to keep training; find what works for you and keep going. Also if you can get outside, get outside.

Hope everyone remains safe and healthy.