COVID-19 & Rankings

COVID-19 & Rankings

Hello to all of you guys that care to come and check on us:)

Covid is getting more serious by the day, and it affects people differently. I’m hoping everyone stays healthy and safe but also know that any of us could get it, if we didn’t get it yet…

The pandemic actually helped my position in the Para snowboard rankings. My racing plan, that I was advised with help from the Brazilian Snow sports federation, was to race in Canada (which was 2 races) just to get into the rankings and get a feel for it. Start small on this season, grow on the next one and then go all out and get busy in the following (pre-paralympic).

As luck would have it, when all the other athletes were in Europe in place for the following races of the 2019/2020 season, Corona hit hard and all racing was canceled! So my position (which was 15th in the rankings) would then drop a couple spots after those races —that NEVER happened!

I get to keep my ranking throughout 2020. I don’t know what the future will bring with this pandemic. These are weird times…

All I know is that we keep pushing. Stay healthy and sane, keep training and focus in the future. One day at a time.