What an Honor

What an Honor

I am honored and very appreciative that Team PossAbilites has offered me a 2021 sponsorship. It was an honor to represent them in 2020 and it will be honor to represent them this year in my run for Tokyo.

With any luck we will be racing this year and I will have a lot to chat about. Here are some events on the National Team calendar that I will be attending. Unfortunately but not surprising our winter track racing has been canceled.

We have a virtual National Team Camp to be held the end of February beginning of March. I have no idea what this will be like but I will be sure to let you know.

Huntsville Para-Cycling Open: 17-18 April. This is a qualification event for the 2 World Cups as well as Road World Championships. So If you are in the area come and cheer us on.

US Paralympics Trials: 18-20 June in Minneapolis Minnesota. This will be a time trial event that will determine who will represent TeamUSA and the Paralympic Games.

World Cups: World Cup 1: 6-9 May in Ostend Belgium, World Cup 2: 13-16 May in Italy.

If all goes according to plan Tokyo AUG/SEP time frame.

So a lot of training in the next few months.

Thank you to all the sponsors and team staff that are making this happen for the athletes.

Finish of Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2020