For the love of the sport

For the love of the sport

Hey guys!

When winter time comes I get really excited when it snows, and try to find any window to go to the mountains. 

This time around, with the “stay at home order,” I could not find a place to stay in Mammoth Mountain, no hotels or Airbnb were open to public. The few people I know that have houses there, I tried reaching out with no success. 

When the snow came hard and I found an opportunity to go I was there! Had intense 3 days that were totally WORTH IT! Enjoying the fresh snow, training my fundamentals, experimenting new material, it was just amazing and exhausting! 

The down side? -I had to sleep in my car! Let me tell you, I was prepared but, still… it was COLD! 

I took a mental note of all cold happenings of the nite. I slept like a baby from around 7pm when it was 20F until 1am, from there on, temps got all the way down to 5F!! My cold foot was the worst of it all. Other than that, the water gallon & bananas froze (rookie move); my shoes got stuck to the car floor from the snow they had; my windows got all frozen inside from the breathing condensation; the portable charger didn’t charge the phone at all. Upon waking up, my prosthesis battery and/or hydraulic fluid froze so I was walking a peg leg like a pirate:)

If I slept inside my home’s freezer it would probably be warmer! Well… maybe not quite. But the thing is, I love snowboarding so much, if I had to do it again, tonite, or whenever, I’d be there in a heart beat!