TeamUSA ParaCycling Virtual Camp

TeamUSA ParaCycling Virtual Camp

Hello everyone. As promised here is the training that went on during the TeamUSA ParaCycling Virtual Team Camp.

Camp started like most of them we had a team meeting held over the Discord Platform. Discord is also the method we would use to chat with each other during team rides. Basically this meeting was to make sure everyone could use the various technologies we would be utilizing during the next 3 days of riding mainly Discord, Zwift and a smart trainer.

Day 1 was a virtual ride in London on the London Pretzel. This was what we would call a banned ride meaning that everyone would stay together for the duration of the ride no matter how hard and easy you were pedaling. Similar to a no drop ride. This was a 2 hour ride with the entire team together.

Start of Team Ride

2 we had 2 virtual rides. The first ride was in Watopia on the Bigger Loop route. The second ride was also in Watopia on the Big Foot Hills route. These rides the team was split into two groups based on disability classification. Each ride was approximately 2 hours. These were not banned rides. Which means you could get dropped, go off the front or something in between. As usual with team rides the team split into a few groups and these groups rode together.

Day 3 and the final day we went back to one ride and it was again banned keeping the team together. This ride took place in France on the Petit Boucle route. This was also scheduled to be a 2 hour ride.

The camp was a great success. My coach treated it as an endurance block meaning I did not have any intervals above tempo and we focused on time on bike to build foundation and endurance. I was able to accomplish my training goals. I completed 152 miles, with 7609 of virtual feet of elevation gain in just under 9 hours of riding.

Thank you TeamUSA for putting on the mini camp and of course all our great sponsors, family and friends who enable to do what I love.