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Back to Racing Day 5

Day 5

Race Day 2, the Crit. This day did not start at all how I wanted it to. After a good road race and time trial, my bike decided it did not want to cooperate this morning. For some reason, my rear derailleur became completely unresponsive to any input. Luckily, the guys from Carbonbike USA were there to lend me a hand and to lend me an operable rear derailleur. After changing the part and getting changed into my Team PossAbilities kit, I had just enough time to get a short warmup before lining up at the start line. I normally don’t do criticism races but since there have not been a race in some time, and this is my first race weekend with this specific bike I am riding, I am happy to be out here racing and getting some good bike handling training. 

After a very successful weekend of racing, I know have a better understanding of where I am in my training. I am. Also very proud of my Team PossAbilities teammate Owen Daniels for the progress he has made and his perseverance as he continues to follow his pursue his dream. 

Many thanks go to Team PossAbilities and Loma Linda University, as well as Cotie Williams, Christine Nieto and all the donors for making this weekend possible. 

Now back to training…