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Back to Racing and More

Hello Everyone,

Last couple weeks have been pretty exciting on many different fronts. First I got my first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. One step closer to a “more” normal life. I still plan on masking and practicing social distance as well as limiting contact with others to a small group. So many variants and nothing is a guarantee so I would rather be safe.

On a personal front I have finished my level 1 certification in Nutrition Coaching. I want to take a few more sport/athlete nutrition classes, but this is first step of many and I am very excited about the new journey.

Now for what you have been waiting for some race and training updates. Well training is training. Spending a lot of time on the bike and in the gym preparing for the Huntsville ParaCycling Open that will take place 17-18 April. This will qualify me to travel with TeamUSA to a World Cup in Belgium in May. If I decided to attend. There is a lot of quarantine that adds a extra time to the trip which cuts into my training block for the Tokyo Paralympic Trials and let’s be real Trials and going to the games is more important. So I will have to discuss with my coaching teams the pros and cons of traveling to a World Cup in Europe. On racing side Kansas has started racing again. I have been able to participants in a couple crit races the last couple weeks. It is a series and I am currently sitting 2nd in the points with two more weekends of racing left. It is great to back racing and enjoying my bike…plus I get to race in our kit representing all of you. Thanks so much for all you do for the athletes so we can be the best we can.

Until next time, keep it rolling, stay safe.