Questions in the air

Questions in the air

Hello brothers & sisters,

I celebrated my 40th birthday in great style. Went up to Big Bear Mountain and was blessed with steady snow fall —perfect for riding!

I only had a day so made the most out of it, about 7 hours riding. I pushed hard on my training and could barely move at nite on the way back. A day well lived…

That was probably the season finale for me, as snow will be melting in the mountains close by. The questions start coming up now as we are about 1 year away from Beijing Winter Paralympics 2022. Will we have a mid year training camp, with the whole Covid situation? Will I have to do a couple races to maintain my spot on Beijing 2022? The near future will tell me, as we (Brazil federation and I) start making plans for the next seasons.

On my side I’ll control what I can control, keep training as much as possible to be ready to shred when the day comes.