Huntsville Paracycling Open

Huntsville Paracycling Open

Hello Everyone, I wanted to give an update on Paracycling Open I attended 17-18 April in Huntsville, Alabama. First off I would like to say this was by far one of the best run events I have attended in awhile. Hats off to Huntsville, event organizers and US Paracycling.

The COVID protocols put emplace were very detailed as far as pre travel testing, daily symptom survey, on site testing, temp checks, all athletes, staff, VIPS and spectators had to wear a mask this all combined made for a safe event that allowed the athletes to feel safe while competing.

Photo By Casey Gibson

I drove to the event so I could control my environment, I got lucky and scored and AirBnB right off the course. This allowed me to ride the race course numerous times prior to race day and I was able to warm-up and ride to the race on race day so I was able to keep my self not only safe but out of the stress of driving and setting up a warm-up area. I just rolled out of the garage. It also made it very easy to control my nutrition and meals as I had a full kitchen and could cook. Plus I was in awesome neighborhood that welcomed me and even hung a sign on the mailbox.

Then came 2 days of racing. Both days I got second, but I had great races with great power and heart rate response. My coach was very pleased with how both the time trial and road race went. I was disappointed at first in my placing but he reminded me we are still building and did not want to have the best race of the year on that day we are saving it for Tokyo.

It was great to be back racing, to reconnect to with friends and be in the event atmosphere. I really need to thank my coaches, friends, family, Loma Linda, Team PossAbilities and all our sponsors who are helping not just me but all of us reach our dreams not matter what those dreams are. I am so appreciative to have this support.