Training Update

Training continues as I ramp up to Road Nationals in Boise, Idaho, in July. My power is at an all-time high and my cardio continues to improve as Road Nationals gets closer. The biggest challenge has been the heat in Las Vegas as temperatures are over 100 degrees with higher than normal humidity. The humidity really has an effect on power and overall endurance. In cooler temperatures, the body performs great but in high heat and high humidity it’s a completely different story. Ironically, I try to embrace these tough conditions because it seems that many of our races are in the Southeast part of the United States in the summer…with high temps and high humidity. For me, I’ve found that it’s a delicate balance between training in the cool morning hours and the hot afternoon hours. In the morning I can push my body by going hard. In the afternoon, I can push my body by trying to function in such difficult environmental conditions. Both conditions have benefits that will hopefully pay off next month.