Team Trials in the Books

Team Trials in the Books

Well it was a long prep which included some hard training blocks, revamping my nutrition, one on one camp with my coaching team and time away from family. It was well worth the effort as I am Tokyo Bound.

It started with a drive to Minneapolis where team trials were held. My coaches and myself rented an AirBnB right off the course but away from the main event area so that I would have peace and quiet. This made it much easier to focus on what I had to do. I arrived on Monday and did a quick 30 minute spin just to get my legs moving then it was the grocery and find some dinner to prepare for Tuesday when the real prep would begin.

Tuesday through Friday went by extremely fast, I trained on the course, doing efforts in key areas, learning all the nuances so I could pick the best line and avoid some killer potholes. During this time my coach drove the course with a camera. He took video of the course as well as me riding in some key areas so we could review everything until I felt comfortable and we eliminated as many as the unknowns as possible. We developed a race plan and I rehearsed this many times with the video and google earth.

Then it was race day. I did not race until 1315 so I got up at my usual time had some breakfast and went for a short spin. Returned, took a nap, ate a second breakfast then started getting my gear together to head to the race. Once at the venue it was business as usual, I set up my equipment, completed a warmup to make sure my body was ready for what I was about to put it through. Then it was off to the start line. I had my plan, I was fueled and I was ready. I rode to plan executing it perfectly, hitting and holding the power; I was flying. I was leading by 8 seconds half way back in and increasing the lead. Then what all racers fear I had a mechanical. I took my a little less than a minute to work it out, but I didn’t give up this was my shot at the games. I got back on my bike and crushed it to the finish emptying everything. In the end even with a mechanical issue I had the 2nd fast time and that means I am Tokyo Bound.

I have to say thank you to all our sponsors who have made this possible. Thank you to Cotie for coming out and cheering it was assume to see her. Thank you to my friends and family for the all the support.