How bad do you want it?

How bad do you want it?

Greetings folks; I’ve been thinking, constantly, now that the Tokyo Paralympics are upon us (I possibly could have been there had my category in triathlon was not cut off) how difficult it will be for me to make the 2022 Winter Paralympics. 

Truth to be told, the odds have never been stacked higher against me. If you compare to triathlon days: I had no kids; work was part time so I could focus on training (had a $ scholarship that helped with my bills), had a coach and all the time I needed to train as much as I wanted. Now, with snowboarding? —Don’t be discouraged reading this, but I have: 2 kids; a full time job; no coach, limited training time. And I’m 40. A couple people have discarded the idea of me making it for the simple fact I live far from the snow. 

BUT all I need is one of those people to doubt me so I can prove them wrong. Strangely enough, I may have more chances of qualifying now than I ever had with triathlon, for the fact that there’s 20 slots in my para-snowboarding category (versus 10 in triathlon). 

Team PossAbilities believes in me, and is supportive. Brazil believes in me and is supporting. I’m just about to start getting a $ scholarship again. My time may be more limited but I know exactly what I need to be training and I am doing that. Of course I would like more time (wouldn’t we all?!) but it’s what I got, so I make sure every training session counts and I try to always empty the tank then. 

I have kind of a stacked calendar coming up soon; I’ll keep you posted as soon as things are confirmed. There’s a chance you’ll see me at Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics. I believe in that and I’m putting in the work!