Tokyo is Wrapping Up

Tokyo is Wrapping Up

Hello everyone. My Paralympic adventure is coming to as close. Today I will head to the village for Closing Ceremony.

Since my last update I have completed two more races the Time Trial on 31 August and the Road Race on 2 September. The time trial was my key event it (besides the pursuit on the track) was what I had been training for. We knew it would be very difficult race for me due to how my body works or doesn’t work in the heat and humidity. I rode the race according to my coaches plan, my follow car kept me focused and helped me navigate through lap traffic I was approaching. It was a complete team effort from my coaches and staff with TeamUSA and my coaches at home. I rode the first two laps really well then half way through my last lap my body started to shut off due to the heat. Heart rate went through the top and would not stabilize. I just had to keep the legs going over the last hill and hope my lead was enough. IT WAS. I won the TT and added a gold medal to my silver from the track

Photo credit to Casey Gibson


My final race was the road race. Funny how quickly the weather changed, today it was torrential rain, flooded roads, hail, and wind not mention the fog, It was horrible conditions with limited visibility, I knew it would be an extremely hard day on the bike especially because when I overheat like i did in the TT it takes much longer than 24 hours to recover. I gave it my all, I tried to make the break with the big hitters but racing against C5 women as a C4 is a challenge. In the end I was just happy to finish with incident.

Thank you to everyone that has made this dream possible.