Upcoming Training Camp: Landgraaf

Upcoming Training Camp: Landgraaf

SnowWorld, Netherlands

Guys, I’m super excited to share fantastic news: I’m going to a training camp in the Netherlands, the biggest indoor snow facility in the world, in Landgraaf!

So happy it’s finally happening… at first  team Brazil was going to send me to Mount Hood in Oregon (the only snowy mountain in US that stays open year round with a servicing lift to go up the mountain); I would be the only Brazilian bc their athletes can’t really get into US without a 2 week quarantine. Got clearance from family & work, green light to go! THEN, (very rarely this happens) because of a mediocre winter and a super hot summer, the snow melted and they shut the mountain for a couple months. My emotions just went flat… gone was the excitement of going away for a training camp. 

Around this time of year countries usually send their athletes to train in Chile or Argentina, that’s where the great mountains are for snow. But with Covid those destinations’ borders are all closed -no luck there now. 

Well then, my team guys in Brazil just told me to hold the dates I was supposed to be gone; they checked the availability in Landgraaf, got a personal coach for me and soon enough I’ll be sliding & carving down some snow! 

It’s going to be intense: 2 weeks staying in the complex with a coach one on one; it’ll be great for advancing on my technique & confidence, and to get those muscles fired up, get that muscle memory back. I’m super grateful with these opportunities I get and will report from Snow World!