Snowboarding Training Camp: Success!

Snowboarding Training Camp: Success!

Hello all,

Two weeks back from the Netherlands and I’m still buzzing about it. I had such a good time and learned valuable lessons and tricks from my coach.
Came back in top shape —wish there was a race right after!

It was at times challenging, like I thought “why am I doin this? Do I even belong in this sport racing with those guys at that level?” But the more I train the more the confidence grew, and that’s exactly the reason I went there, to be challenged and build my confidence.

Place was so special; before going I thought, “am I gonna be bored with such a short course that I’ll do over and over again?” But I mean… with all the different drills and challenges that coach gave me it was never boring! On the contrary, I could’ve stayed longer!

Just imagine, rain or shine, the conditions in there are always the same (which actually happened, pouring rain outside -which would melt snow- and we were happily boarding inside. Hot sun outside -which would melt the snow- and we were enjoying the same conditions of a perfect day in a mountain!); LED lights keep the visibility perfect; it’s open until 11pm (!!!). This one day we rode like 4 times: breakfast, ride. Lunch, rest, ride. Rest, ride, dinner, ride! Let’s say I slept well that night:)
And the music pumping at all times while you’re riding and on the lift; not like punk or heavy rock, just some inspiring lounge / electronic / dance / pop vibes.

Really cool stuff! Now I just have to keep / build on my fitness and be ready for the next challenge. Come November, I’m going back to the same place for a week of training and then race. After, it’s straight to Finland, another week of training and then race!

Bring it on, let’s do this!!!