Off Season

Off season is so short when you compete in multiple disciplines. It will be back to the training grind on 1 November. My off season consisted of one month of fun gravel racing and one month of limited training almost no cycling and a lot of mobility as well as yoga. I won Gravel Grinder Nationals. It’s not a USA Cycling sanctioned nationals but it was a great event. It was an enjoyable off season however I am looking forward to training again.

I will have a training block starting 1 November then a recovery week that I will spend in Hawaii with my husband as we are very overdue for a vacation. Once I return it will be back to training, a trip to California to attend the Team dinner and then it’s the holidays. But what I am looking most forward to is my time scheduled in the wind tunnel 5 Jan. This will dial in my racing position as well as the most aero equipment for my bikes. I will update you all on how that goes afterwards,

Hope to meet some of you in December at the dinner.