Europe Training Camps + Racing

Europe Training Camps + Racing

Greetings from Landgraaf, in the Netherlands!

-yes, I was just here for a training camp in September; and now we had 2 back to back Banked Slalom races, a World Cup!

My goals were: not get disqualified (like I had in Dubai on my very 1st race with zero experience and the wrong prosthetic leg) and not get last place (so I would get points). Mission accomplished on both goals!

Another Brazilian athlete & I were here with a great coach from Portugal, training hard every day. And then they built the banks… we had 5 runs per athlete per day on race course. I got the gist of it but I would need much more time on course to get good. Plus we had all top athletes in the sport coming so the level was HIGH.

My best time was 49 seconds on the course; the top (world record) guy made it in 37 seconds. Lots to improve… but I have the tools and I’ll keep working!

I am extremely grateful for this experience and from here we go to Finland!! More training and more racing. I’ll keep you all posted!