2021 Comes to an End

2021 Comes to an End

Well it’s has been an amazing year full of ups and downs. COVID continued to affect the racing calendar. Many events internationally that I would have competed in to include National Championships and World Cups I did not attend. We did get a couple very important national level events in that enabled me to qualify for the Paralympics which did take place so the year of racing was not a complete loss just not what it could have been/

I had a lot to deal with on the family front; the health of my parents was huge one, thankfully they seem to both be on the mend although we are waiting some final testing on my dad. We had a couple babies born in the family which is always fun especially when they are not mine so I get to spoil them and send them home.

We adopted a new doggo, she is an a crazy Alaskan Malamute very loving but still learning what it is to be a dog that is loved versus one that is left to fend for its self. My old man Lab is not as thrilled but he likes her.

Finally I had to have knee surgery in December, it will take me a while to get back on my horse, but I am sure with my medical team and coaches I will be back stronger than ever.

Most importantly all my success this year as well as coming through the struggles which is also considered a success would not have been possible without my friends, family, sponsors, coach’s and medical staff. All kept me going when I was at my worst. I wont lie much of this year was a struggle and I spend a lot just simply praying I could keep seeing the good in what was happening.

Thank You Loma Linda, Team PossAbilities, Sponsors and all the wonderful Donors for making 2021 possible. What you do for us is so greatly appreciated. I cant wait to see what happens in 2022.