Training for my Paralympic Dream is a full time job and took up most of my time, energy, and thought. But, when working towards that goal, I had to also find balance with my family. My family is my number one support throughout my cycling journey. Not only has my wife shared in the tragedy of me getting my spinal cord injury, she also shares any and all of my/our accomplishments that I may attain from racing. Now, I am not saying I race for my wife or any of my family. I ride for me and my dreams. But without my family’s support there would be no dreams. That is the reason I share everything with them. I want to be an example for my daughter as well. An example that when you have a goal or a dream to be something or to accomplish anything, there are no other options. There is no desert option. There is no option to take the day off. And there is definitely not an option to push the snooze button.

Now, what exactly is balance in my life? Balance is knowing that no matter what my schedule is that day, I will get my daughter out of bed and make an egg with her for breakfast. I will do what needs too be done for her before I start my training. And I will pick her up from day care at the end of the day. 

Balance is being a husband to my most amazing wife and ensuring that she feels that she has everything she needs. Its knowing that she is in a good place to take on the day and that when I am getting my work done, she is comfortable handling all she can handle. Balance is also taking the time to have quality time with both my wife and my daughter. Having Addy Daddy time and doing a date night with my wife when possible and needed. And when I am done training, it is being able to be fully invested in my family.

To summarize, balance is being  a husband to my amazing wife, a dad to my awesome daughter, a son to my great parents, a brother to my super siblings, a nephew, a cousin and all there is in between. 

Once I am comfortable that my families needs are taken care of, then I can fully focus and invest in my training and what I need to get done for my personal goals.

We all have our own balance. This just happens to be my balance.