Peer Visits

as an athlete it fills me of great joy to know that while I’m doing what I love to do racing I’m impacting the community around me to see that there is not limits to the things you want to do in life. And it gives them hope to know that there’s people out there doing remarkable things that sometimes we think we can’t do anymore.

No matter who you are where you come from we all have a story to share, that will motivate many to get out of their nutshell to preserver and do amazing things all we need is to share . Today I been a peer visitor for Loma Linda Hospital for about 8 years and every time I share my story the things I take back with me is the smile on patients face after realizing their not alone and there’s hope after permanent injury. Being a paratriathlete is awesome but being a n ambassador to the community is amazing because your changing life’s as you live yours.

29 years ago they told my mom there was no hope for me and while being in a coma for almost half a year I received a message from above telling me that I had a mission in life and that I wasn’t ready to go and so here I am today still living my mission.