The importance of a good coach

The importance of a good coach

Hi guys, 

Today I’d like to share something that is often top of my mind: the difference that it makes having a good coach. It’s probably very good on every sport, and life. 

With snowboarding, it’s a HUGE part of my improvement —a game changer. My coach, Mancha, is from Portugal and is also their National team’s coach. Honored to have had his company in a few snow trips / races. 

It means I have a coach most of my rides, correcting my technique, giving me pointers every chance he gets, telling me to look forward (where I’m going) and not down —a mistake I often do. The importance of all that and more, and how fast I improved was remarkable and noticeable. Guaranteed I would not be flying in the jumps without his guidance. 

Besides that (which is huge), Mancha keeps my boards super sharp. Literally, always sharping the rails (when needed) and always waxing the bottom, for better (more) speed. Waxing is like every other day, if not every day on race days. And it’s amazing how much difference that makes… every turn is sharp, always with speed! It’s almost a crime braking to shave off speed after all the work that coach puts on! Some countries will have a wax technician, who travels with the team for wax jobs. In my case, bless Mancha, he does it all! Not easy… it’s a full day between training-coaching-waxing-race meetings… he’s a one-man-show!!

It is definitely not cheap having a coach. But for racing (or if you want to do it correctly), what a difference it makes. Thankful for my sponsors for that… team work! I know how blessed I am and I’m grateful:)