Today was a week that we had got evacuated from our home because of the fires that got out of control scary feeling for me to think I could lose my home however we can now look back and say we dodge one.

We continue with our training with our goal in mind to motivate people around you and help them be the best image of themselves regardless of the challenges they face, being an ambassador to possabilties continues to help me grow and help spread support to many people learning to adapt to a new permanent injury.

for all my fellow members please continue to find your motivation not only in yourself but others around who bring positive energy and can uplift your morale to be the best you can be. Life has hit me in many ways but I’ve learn to hit back and hit harder.

Not sure what this year holds for me one things for sure what ever I commit to will continue to empower me and others, Triathlon has play a big role in my life as a motivation drive to feel complete in many ways.

Fight / Believe/ achieve…..