Daily Grind

Almost end of the year it’s been a Rollercoasters lots of projects happening and always on the move as we get ready to reset for 2023 I set here contemplating on the achievements goals and current state. As of now I had to slow down on my training do to some home projects that were keeping me from staying consistent never the less I’m getting back on track to my daily routine taking care of the usual work family and training managing my calendar and time.

There’s definitely a benefit training or working out with others as you hold each other accountable to execute, well even though I don’t have the luxury of a training buddy my Shepard has definitely filled in as Hunter has been able to run with my on running days pushing me to my limits to get stronger everyday.

2023 will definitely be a busy year but I’m confident with the right agenda in training we will be executing training effectively and looking to bounce back and be at Nationals to repeat the outcome. Someone ask me the other day what motivates me to keep going despite of everything I got going on I simply said I motivate me because at the end of the day it all starts with believing in yourself all other motivation comes from the people that believe in you.

Finally my goal before the year end is to build my own home gym to be able to have more consistency and eliminate my travel time to places for training and just do most of it from home, stay safe and motivated out there. # teampossabilities.