Feeling ready and not racing

Feeling ready and not racing

Hey guys,

As an athlete, last 2 weeks were frustrating; I missed a couple amazing races -including the World Championships I was supposed to compete. It’s tough seeing my friends/rivals posts and YouTube clips of the races I would/could have been in and didn’t go. 

After Finland I was feeling great, so fit and so ready. I don’t get to these places going all out on the race course, flying high & far on the big jumps —it’s a build up; so it was a perfect plan: race Finland & get ready for Worlds. 

But… those were postponed to more than a month later and then I couldn’t go 🙁

Still, it was not in vain; we trained & improved a lot. At night we would watch our videos that coach filmed and dissect our rides, for further improvement. Also watch other race videos to learn strategy -we even watched our whole Beijing races again, to study ourselves & our opponents. A total & fantastic snowboarding immersion. 

Next race season I’ll be ready and with even more will to compete! It’ll be a long wait, but more time to get ready.