2019 Annual PossAbilities Triathlon – Success!

2019 Annual PossAbilities Triathlon – Success!

Hey guys,

For this year’s PossAbilities triathlon I had the same goal as previous years –to make sure I beat Zimri! We developed this healthy rivalry, even though we’re not in the same class.

Tell you what, he kept me on my toes this year. For one, I wasn’t training full time like before, but still had been going strong. The main fact is that Zim’s new coach is a great athlete that I personally know and like, Jamie Brown. I knew right away that Jamie would make Zim switch some gears.

My overall time was almost the same, but where before I got to Zim on either the first leg (run) or second (bike), this year I only got to him inside the pool! Mind you, the swim is super short, so he almost had me!! It was adrenaline choked, I kept seeing him ahead on the bike and kept inching closer, pedaling harder. Even overtook him seconds before transition, but then he ran away faster onto the pool, and I scrambled behind. Almost threw myself in the water without goggles, but then passed him!

Fun times, let’s see for how long I am able to keep this rivalry going with the result on my side!

2020 Zimri, what do you say?