SDTC 2019 edition:

SDTC 2019 edition:

Another year in the books for San Diego Triathlon Challenge!

It’s such a good tradition, just a solid, beautiful weekend of seeing old friends, making new ones, put on good workouts and have a good time!

PossAbilities was represented by Zimri Solis and myself, besides the always excellent support of Cotie Williams and also Christina Nieto & family this year!

As per usual, I did the swim. Started with my rival Mark Barr, but he smoked me as usual —remember he has 2 Paralympics just in swimming, guy is a machine! Zimri did the run, which is no easy task with the hills of La Jolla!

This weekend the surf was really good also, so in between commitments there were always surf sessions with my good friend Pirata, who flew in from Hawaii just for this event!